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Beware Gentlemen of the Deep Waters:

for the sweet goddess of the sea

singing softly as the waves embrace

the shore. croons that captivate men,

marching sailors over brittle overhangs,

to broken glass horizons—

consumed by foaming ripples,

splitting apart at the seafarers’ touch.

piercing undulating waters

that slice your hand as you reach

for the heart, which is now

long gone, devoured by a ghoul girl

with empty eyes.


for the sweet maiden of the sea

chants recklessly as the waves

caress the coast, cantillates

that compel mariners to wander

and wallow into frozen ocean loch,

drowning in melodies of malediction

(these songs erupting to shadows)

as she dances swiftly through the tides,

swinging softly as men reach cliffs-end...

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