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Lovers Lagoon (REM #3)

A ship floats down from the sky.

Soon, says the cold captain, it will depart.

He says it will not only fly,

But turn my truth to art.

We sailed into a crystal lagoon

Of a blue-eyed mermaid’s tears.

Her blonde hair flowed into the water

As she swam away from us.

She dove behind purple reef curtains

Covering a gold-filled hollow,

Guarded by Greek gods and lions

With flames for manes.

The guards steer me away, into an unlit tunnel

Where sirens’ songs surrounded in echoes

And scaly gorgons emerge from the pitiless waters.

A faceless man whose only feature was a devilish grin

Walked alone across the surface slowly

Before he lunged towards the ship

Laughing as he plunged back down below,

Causing rocky waves that then carry us astray,

As we exit the tunnel and enter dead man’s lake;

Where ghost ships float and stars decay,

Because all the lights inside slowly fade away-

As the shadows steal the words you wrote

And I awaken alone on the empty boat.

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