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Fire Walk With Me (REM #5)

fire water

water flame

water forms into rain

she's dancing in the fire

freeing embers in the wind.

water flows

rain in river glows

dives into a crystal lake

fire water

water flame

water reborn into rain

spirits fly through the sky

slowly dissolve into the night.

her dress dispelled to blaze

the tulle scattered embers as she spins.

in flames a ballerina dress

gliding on the water is the lady of the lake.

fire water

water flame

water floats reborn to rain

spirits soaring through the night

dancing swiftly through the sky,

under stars’ glow, she is shining

the city bursts aflame

and soars away in

fiery cinders stolen by the wind.

water flame

fire water

water reborn into flame

spirits drifting through the sky

red eyes glowing in the night.

fire starts to roar,

man in the mask sells roses by the shore,

flames on frozen waters.

alone the ghost boat wanders.

see the lady of the lake

look how she glows,

watch where she goes,

walk through fire crackling,

wind leaping through a sea of smoke.

mask is melting, rose is dead,

whispering voices surrounded his head.

the water frees and the flames roar

to form music down by the shore

mask is gone, a siren's song

is calling through the tunnel.

fire blazing on the river,

fire burning overnight,

fire overthrowing shadows

cascade the road to death with light.

spirits hide in hollow trees

their laughs floating through the breeze

as boat floats on silent water,

dead rose, it floats alone.

fire water, water fire.

water flame,

fire fades

nautical chandeliers will pave the way

to the very end of all days…

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