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Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Rainbow spirals burst from my iris. Every vessel ruptures into movement, shivering as spirit separates from body. I am illuminated by the surroundings of stardust. A creature of constellation conjoining at the corners of the earth. I felt an hour pass in three minutes as I gazed into the midnight sky. There is only now and no one can take what you are away from you. I am just a stop motion character. Shutters like splitters blankly blinking to the transition of the picture shift. Bulbs, blinding, bright light spilling across the four corners of the cement stone contraption where I call my new body home. Bulbs, blinding, bright light as I'm immersed in white noise. Distortions’ sweet symphony disrupts the silence, awakening the godly divine. You’ve just become aware of the exoskeleton (the skin), the layer that traps your soul inside.

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