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The Ice Empress

Astria clusters the constellations of clover,

collecting her creations from the available sky.

She is the midnight mother, balancing

below her blanket breast over the star children,

warning against the weather of the galaxy globe below.

Now in this age of Aquarius, they fight back

against the tide, around the irises of her eyes,

the glow orbs finally combine

to form teardrop spills

releasing shine.

Gaia gathers the crystal flow, spilling softly into springs in preparation of the show.

In eternal silent twilight,

the freely-formed winter nymphs set the stage for the storm

(freeing, flying, dancing, dying).

Lighting strobe lights

to multiply illusions of the ice queen—

her maidens all align, forming flower figurines.

Frostbite freezing fingertips,

cold collision accumulating

in the art of connection.

My rose thorn nails carving into your cemented heart.

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